Veterinary Cannabis Consultation

The veterinary cannabis counsellor at our Gibsons veterinary clinic is a trusted, unbiased, non-judgmental source of information and education for Sunshine Coast pet parents when inquiring about cannabis use for their pets.

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Pet Cannabis Use

The legal status of cannabis for people in Canada has been rapidly changing. More and more of our clients are now investigating the possibility of using cannabis products for themselves or have already experienced positive results. Now they are looking into how these products can be used for their pets.

Unfortunately, at this time in Canada, there are no Health Canada approved cannabis products for veterinary use and hence no regulation for products that are already being produced. Products that can be legally bought for human consumption are not intended for animal use and may contain ingredients or inappropriate ratios of CBD:THC that may be toxic to pets.

Veterinary Cannabis Consultation, Gibsons

What is a veterinary cannabis counsellor?

Legally veterinarians are unable to prescribe or recommend cannabis products for our patients. However, if you are wanting to explore cannabis as an option for your pet, we are here to ensure that we provide proper information and safe guidance for using cannabis products. This is where a Veterinary Cannabis Counsellor can help.

A Veterinary Cannabis Counsellor (VCC) is a veterinary technician who has received specific training in utilizing their medical background to support the veterinarian and pet owners in the rapidly developing veterinary cannabis industry.

VCCs are trained to:

  • Provide pet parents with harm reduction education about cannabis.
  • Evaluate and provide guidance on animal-safe cannabis products.
  • Ensure the veterinary team is fully informed of how pet parents are utilizing cannabis for their pets.
  • Encourage appropriate monitoring & diagnostics.

Meet Tamara

Our VCC is Tamara, and she is fully trained to work with your veterinarian and guide you on the safe addition of cannabis to your pet’s health plan. Tamara is a Registered Veterinary Technologist and has been actively working in veterinary healthcare for over 30 years.

In her experience, Tamara has seen many toxic responses to pet’s accidentally ingesting “pot” and she realized that many of the pet owners in the community were new to these products/supplements and were unaware of safe use and handling. As well, there were no reliable sources of information for pet owners to turn to with questions. The salespersons at the human dispensaries have no training as to cannabis use for pets.

Tamara pursued the veterinary cannabis counsellor course, to be a trusted, unbiased, non-judgmental source of information and education for pet parents when inquiring about cannabis use for their pets.

Tamara is a member of the Canadian Association of Veterinary Cannabinoid Medicine.

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