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Our team of veterinary technicians, assistants, and administration at The Landing Veterinary Clinic looks forward to providing your pet with the best care we can.

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Kayde #1


R.V.T. & Practice Manager

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    Hi everyone!  My name is Kayde and I have recently moved to the Sunshine Coast from Alberta.  Although originally from the lower Kootney's, I have lived in Alberta since 2004 and am super happy to be able to call BC home once again and am looking forward to exploring this beautiful area and making it my home. I have always had a passion for animals and have gotten to pursue it for many years as an RVT in Wildlife Rehabilitation, Small Animal and Emergency Medicine.  In the last five years I have transferred into management roles in the Veterinary Industry and have been loving it ever since, and am currently working on getting my CPVM. 

    In my spare time you can find me running with my nine year old Cane Corso Khyzik, relaxing with my cats or having pool/gardening time with my two year old rescue French Bulldog Cardi. I also enjoy volunteering in the community, kayaking, hiking, and reading in my spare time. Thank you to Eagle Ridge and The Landing Vet for giving me an opportunity to explore and grow in this beautiful community and call it home!

Julie #1


Office Manager & Client Relations

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    Julie has been with Eagle Ridge Veterinary Hospital since 2007 but is mainly at The Landing Veterinary Clinic since 2008. Julie’s previous career was in human health care and she greatly prefers working with animals (who can blame her?). She is in the veterinary field strictly for the kittens, especially the ones with extra toes. She feels puppies are cute too, but really, who can resist a kitten?

    Julie grew up in North Vancouver – Lynn Valley…Argyle where the tough kids were from. She’s not saying when. Her interests outside of veterinary medicine and when she is not planning, prepping, or playing in mud races, are travelling to warm, sandy places where different languages are spoken. 

    Julie Nichols currently lives in Sechelt with her husband Martin (the ambulance driver as some people call them) and periodically with their middle daughter Stephanie (when she isn’t gallivanting through Central America, or when she has time, or when she needs laundry to be done). Her oldest son, Christopher, has just finished University and is now out making his way in the world in the image of Indiana Jones. Their youngest daughter, Alannah is starting her third year at UVIC. 

    She currently has three pets: Sadie, a 10-year-old ADHD, high maintenance German Shepherd – and Tango and Turkish, two challenging SPCA rescue cats from a hoarding house with 42 orange cats.

Tamara #1


Lead R.V.T.

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    Tamara graduated from Fairview College in Alberta in 1991 as an Animal Health Technologist and has worked for Eagle Ridge Veterinary Hospital and The Landing Veterinary Clinic since 1892 (Ok, maybe it was 1992 but that’s still a really, really long time.)

    She dreamed of becoming a technologist since she was a little girl and her great grandfather was a Veterinarian. She has a special interest in dental care for pets and enjoys teaching pet owners about how to keep their pets healthy with preventive care. 

    Tamara likes to say that she learns something new every day and that work is like her home away from home. 

    On those rare occasions when she is not working, Tamara is really up for anything – she has recently taken up trail bike riding and acrylic painting. At home, Tamara has two unique cats: “Roo” bottle raised kitten – now a spoiled princess and “Dozer” failed clinic cat that thinks he is a dog.

Kelli #1



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    Kelli has been an animal lover for her entire life. She grew up in Southern California and attended the Bel Rea Institute in Colorado where she received her Associates of Applied Science degree. She spent the next seven years working as a RVT for various hospitals in California and Oregon. In 2011, she moved to the Sunshine Coast and took a break from being a technician for 10 years. She's recently joined the Eagle Ridge/Landing Vet family and couldn't be happier.  

    Kelli has a menagerie of pets at home including, a dog, several cats, a few rats, and a hedgehog.

Lisa #1



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    Lisa worked at Eagle Ridge and The Landing Veterinary Clinic while she was a student at Elphistone a million years ago. She graduated from Thompson Rivers University with a diploma in Animal Health Technology in 2011. 

    Lisa loves working with all of her co-workers. For Lisa, the best part of being an RVT is helping animals with injuries (the gushier the better!)

    When not at work, Lisa enjoys horseback riding, hiking with Batman (he’s a dog), camping, 4 x 4 ing, hanging out at home with her three black cats (two cats shy of a crazy cat lady!).

Ramona #1



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    Ramona graduated from Pierce College in Woodland Hills California in 1997 with an Associate of Science Degree in Veterinary Technology. She always knew the combination of medicine and animals was perfect for her. When not caring for her patients and clients, she spends her free time gardening, reading, playing board games and cooking for her family.

Janice #1


Veterinary Assistant & Client Relations

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    Joining the practice in 2018, Janice has always been an animal enthusiast! The more spots they have the better! She first came to us as a client, and she loved the team so much she wanted to join in the fun!

    Originally from Edmonton, Janice caught the travel bug at an early age. Making her way around the world as a SCUBA instructor, she got to be face-to-face – or fin to fin – with oodles of wild life. It took almost 15 years of adventure, but she finally found her feet on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC and plans to stay. 

    At home, Janice’s happy little family includes two dogs – Reefer a pitty-heeler mix, and Bella a red nose pit bull. You can often find them on an outdoor adventure up the mountain, or out (and in) the water!

Kalee #1


Veterinary Assistant

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    Kalee is excited to be a part of the The Landing and Eagle Ridge team! Although she is new to working in the vet industry, she has many years of animal care experience; from small critters to horses. Kalee also recently started a dog grooming business, where she brings over 13 years of experience to the table. 

    When Kalee is not assisting the team at the Landing Vet Hospital or beautifying puppies, Kalee enjoys working on her hobby farm and caring for her three dogs, horse, five goats and an indeterminable amount of ducks, quails, and chickens!

Sheri #1


Kennel Assistant

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    Sheri grew up mostly in Regina, and now resides in Roberts Creek with her two kids and her somewhat grumpy cat with really big fur, Kitty. 

    Sheri facts: 

    • Sheri has a B.A. in Anthropology, and spent several field seasons excavating Mayan ruins in Belize
    • She’s done a return trip to Inuvik on the back of a motorcycle
    • She’s studied animal reiki with the field’s pioneer Kathleen Prasad, in California
    • She is working on being able to communicate with animals through meditation. Yes, for real. 
    • Outside of work, Sheri enjoys eating potato chips while watching HGTV late into the night, teaching her kids to use their powers for good, and dreams about tropical vacations. 

Julia #1


Kennel Assistant

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    Julia recently joined the team at The Landing Veterinary Clinic and is “learning the ropes” from Sheri.